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Commitment to Quality

  • We recognize that problems can arise on any contract. Our approach to resolving problems is to immediately take corrective action and see that they are not repeated. This approach involves the following activities:
  • We are proactive. If we recognize a problem, we do not wait for the client to draw our attention to it. If possible, we correct the problem immediately. If this is not possible, we bring the problem to the client’s attention and work together to reach a solution.
  • We take responsibility. If we do something wrong, we admit it, fix it, and make sure it does not reoccur.
  • We take a positive approach. If one of our employees does something wrong, we work with the employee to improve performance; we do not punish the employee unless the problem is repeated. This results in better employee performance and better quality for our clients
  • We keep things simple. We look for and implement the simplest effective solution.
  • We implement quality control procedures on all projects. All products are reviewed, and are only delivered to the client when they are correct and meet client and project requirements.