• CLIENT : US Department of Energy Contract DE-MA0001821
  • SERVICES : Environmental – Safety & IH
  • SECTOR : Government
  • ATI ROLE : Prime Contractor
  • LOCATION : Washington DC and Maryland, USA
ATI, Inc. is currently conducting environmental engineering, hazardous materials and industrial hygiene services for the Department of Energy at DOE headquarters facility located in Washington, DC as well as the Germantown facility in Maryland.  This 5 year BPA contract commenced in April, 2012 and continues to date.
    Our experience with DOE for on-call services has included:
    ♦  Indoor Air Quality investigations and testing.
    ♦  Potable water sampling.
    ♦  Asbestos inspections and surveys.
    ♦  Asbestos air monitoring during abatement activities.
    ♦  Lead-based paint testing and risk assessment services with XRF or bulk samples.
    ♦  CPR/First Aid Training for DOE employees and contractors.
    ♦  EMF/RF Survey to determine exposure risk from roof mounted communication antennas.
    ♦  Quarterly Food Sanitation Inspections in food service areas.
    ♦  Ergonomics Studies on work activities, furniture and equipment to ensure proper ergonomic performance.
    ♦  Silica dust, total dust and respirable dust sampling during construction activities.
    ♦  Emergency response for testing and inspections, typically with 2 hours of each request.
    "ATI performed an asbestos identification and assessment survey of the mechanical engineering rooms of the Department of Energy’s James Forrestal Building. The survey was conducted from July 25 through August 31, 2012. I would like to thank you for the work performed on this survey. It was expertly planned and executed. The final report is comprehensive and well written. Thank you for a job well done on this complex project."

-Peter J. O’Konski, PE, Director Office of Administration, US Department of Energy

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