• CLIENT : Bureau of Indian Affairs, US Dept. of Interior Contract A12PC00613
  • SERVICES : Information Technology, Program Management
  • SECTOR : Government - Federal
  • ATI ROLE : Prime Contractor
  • LOCATION : Nationwide, USA
    ATI provided Information Technology consulting services for BIA’s nation-wide construction program from 2009 to 2015. These services were provided for BIA capital improvement projects and included the following:
    ♦  Design IT infrastructure on multiple construction projects involving BIE (Bureau of Indian Education). and grant schools as well as judicial/public safety complexes.
    ♦  Assess IT needs for the new constructions or repairs.
    ♦  Coordinate installation or move of phone and data services including proper activation and monitoring of fire and security alarm systems.
    ♦  Develop Wireless Access Points (WAP) layout and design for new construction using BIA standards.
    ♦  Analyze VOIP requirements for new construction or for a transfer from an existing PBX system.
    ♦  Develop Information Technology Investment (ITI) requirements, Requirement Analysis (RAA) forms and cost estimates for acquisitions.
    ♦  Create statements of work (SOW).
    ♦  Coordinate the installation and support of IT equipment with general contractors, vendors or the BIA Office for IT Services.
    ♦  Provide guidance when seeking E-Rate funding.
    ♦  Provide post-construction IT assistance to finalize move of equipment into new location.
    ♦  Design solutions for various construction issues involving video surveillance, video projection and smart board connectivity.
    ♦  Assess campus wide conduit layout and condition.
    ♦  Assess data backbone and horizontal cabling layout and condition.

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