• CLIENT : Bureau of Indian Affairs, US Dept. of Interior Contract A12PC00613
  • SERVICES : Environmental - Compliance, Program Management
  • SECTOR : Government - Federal
  • ATI ROLE : Prime Contractor
  • LOCATION : Nationwide
    ATI provided NEPA coordination and construction program management for BIA’s nation-wide construction program from 2009 to 2016. We have staffed offices in Aberdeen, SD and Gallup and Albuquerque, NM. To date, we have investigated, written, and/or reviewed compliance documents for well over 100 construction projects nationwide. Specific services include the following:
    ♦  Compile NEPA compliance status and progress reports for ARRA funded activities and projects in accordance with Council on Environmental Quality guidance.
    ♦  Assist with the administration of FAR contracts on behalf of BIA for the preparation of NEPA related documentation by third parties.
    ♦  Coordinate the reviews of EAs or Categorical Exclusions with BIA's Environmental Services staff.
    ♦  Provide recommendations regarding implementing NEPA and other environmental laws and regulations.
    ♦  Prepare and maintain updated spreadsheets to report the status of NEPA compliance.
    ♦  Provide technical assistance and advice to project managers to resolve existing projects’ NEPA-related issues.
    ATI also provided eight project managers who directed ARRA-funded construction projects nationwide, as well as IT support including data management system development.

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