• CLIENT : Frederick County DPW Contract SOQ 07-CSC-08
  • SERVICES : Architecture, Engineering
  • SECTOR : Institutional – Education, Government – State & Local
  • ATI ROLE : Prime Contractor
  • LOCATION : Maryland, USA
    ATI provided A/E design services for the renovation of HVAC systems and upgrade of electrical service, interior upgrade and entry signage design for the approx. 4,500SF Rose Hill Manor Museum. The following functional areas/components were included in the renovation: Kitchen, Exhibit Rooms, HVAC system, Fire Alarm system, Electrical light fixtures and office spaces. The main challenge of the project was to preserve historically important features, such as the plaster walls, ceilings, windows, fireplaces, etc. of this building built in the late 18th Century.
    The design required approval from Historic Society and Archaeological society. The new HVAC units required structural modifications in attic level and, including vibration dampers designed to prevent damage to the interior wall/ceiling plaster.
    This project was a task assigned under Contract No. SOQ 07-CSC-08 - Indefinite Delivery Quantity (IDQ) Contract for Architectural/Engineering Services with Frederick County Division of Public Works.

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