ATI Scores Exceptional Ratings from DHS FLETC … Again!!

ATI-EnviroSmart JV, a joint venture between Managing Partner ATI, Inc. and EnviroSmart, Inc., is proud to announce its latest Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR) for our ongoing work for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) at Cheltenham, MD.  For the fifth consecutive year on its Facilities Operations Support Services contract, ATI-ES has once again scored Exceptional ratings on all evaluated performance criteria including Quality, Schedule, Cost Control, Regulatory Compliance, and Management.

FLETC’s Contracting Officer’s Representative summed up our performance by noting that “Overall, ATI-EnviroSmart did exceptionally well across all aspects over the past year.  The Government is very pleased with the Contractor’s performance for FY22…The Contractor interfaces regularly with Government employees and ALWAYS provides excellent customer service”.

Thank you FLETC Cheltenham!  We appreciate your kind words and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration on this critical project.