Nationwide IT Consulting Services – BIA

Bureau of Indian Affairs, US Dept. of Interior Contract A12PC00613

Program Management; Architecture & Engineering

Federal Government

Prime Contractor

Nationwide, USA

ATI provided Information Technology consulting services for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA’s) nationwide construction program from 2009 to 2015. These services were provided for BIA capital improvement projects and included the following:

  • Design IT infrastructure on multiple construction projects involving the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) and grant schools as well as judicial/public safety complexes;
  • Assess IT needs for the new constructions or repairs;
  • Coordinate installation or transfer of phone and data services including proper activation and monitoring of fire and security alarm systems;
  • Develop Wireless Access Points (WAP) layout and design for new construction using BIA standards;
  • Analyze VOIP requirements for new construction or for a transfer from an existing PBX system;
  • Develop Information Technology Investment (ITI) requirements, Requirement Analysis (RAA) forms, and cost estimates for acquisitions;
  • Create statements of work (SOW);
  • Coordinate the installation and support of IT equipment with general contractors, vendors, or the BIA Office for IT Services;
  • Provide guidance when seeking E-Rate funding;
  • Provide post-construction IT assistance to finalize move of equipment into new location;
  • Design solutions for various construction issues involving video surveillance, video projection, and smartboard connectivity;
  • Assess campus-wide conduit layout and condition; and
  • Assess data backbone and horizontal cabling layout and condition.