UST Compliance Services – Ft Belvoir

US Army, Ft. Belvoir DPW-ENRD Contract W91QV1-13-T-0155

Environmental (Compliance and Remediation); Architecture & Engineering

Federal Government

Prime Contractor

Virginia, USA

ATI, Inc. provided comprehensive, post-wide underground storage tank compliance and maintenance inspections, assessments, and repairs at Ft. Belvoir, VA.

ATI coordinated the annual post-wide petroleum storage tank compliance program. This included completing multiple testing protocols as well as upkeep and maintenance for 28 tank systems. Project management included coordination of tank testing with affected agencies or tenants to arrange for the fuel system to be shut down and restarted, verifying the proper ratio of fuel to water content in the tanks, and developing appropriate forms and obtaining signatures from facility managers. Testing documentation was also completed and submitted in the format required by VDEQ, and invoicing and contractor manpower were submitted per contract specifications.

ATI also provided an upgraded cathodic protection system at Building 1124. This upgraded system involved having a NACE certified cathodic protection specialist develop the design for the anode material and associated installation. The replacement system was installed after approval by Ft. Belvoir DPW-ENRD.

ATI personnel (including certified Veeder-Root technicians) also evaluated the 28 active Veeder-Root® TLS-350 Monitoring Systems currently installed at Fort Belvoir. These are automatic tank gauges (ATGs) utilized to satisfy petroleum compliance requirements for regulated underground storage tank (UST) systems. These ATGs are being used to monitor the status of multiple USTs containing petroleum products on-site.