Facility Management – DE State Police Firearms Training Facility

Delaware State Police Contract GSS16752-DSP_RANGE

Facility Management; Construction Management & Construction

State & Local Government

Architect of Record, subcontractor to Brown & Caldwell, Inc.

Delaware, USA

ATI is providing management, operation, and maintenance services at the Delaware State Police Firearms Training Facility to ensure operation of the firing range in an efficient, safe, and environmentally compliant manner.

The facility provides firearms training to law enforcement officers and includes firing range, classroom, locker room, office, utility, storage, and tactical training areas.
Our services include:

  • Maintenance and operation of the range HVAC systems;
  • Maintenance, operation, and cleaning of the bullet trap system;
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the firing range and adjacent office building areas;
  • Management of brass/bullet recycling;
  • Maintenance of lighting and target carrier systems; and Gunsmithing services.

ATI also provides safety training as required to meet all federal, state, and local requirements, and monitors and controls onsite hazards and conditions to ensure the safety of range workers and users.

This multi-year contract is a follow-on to an emergency temporary contract between the State Police and ATI in which ATI was onsite and working within 12 hours of contract award.