Philpott Lake Project

US Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District

Facility Management

Federal Government

Prime Contractor

Bassett, Virginia

As managing partner in a joint venture with EnviroSmart, Inc., ATI provides comprehensive facilities operations and maintenance support services for the Philpott Lake Project in Bassett, Virginia on behalf of the US Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District.  The Project’s facilities include a Visitor Assistance Center (equipped with security and fire systems), multiple recreation park areas, approximately 9 miles of trails, 100 miles of shoreline, numerous operational areas and structures, forestry and wildlife lands, all Corps owned and GSA vehicles, vessels, and equipment, the dam, and related structures.

Our services include general management; cleaning services; maintenance of buildings and structures (including mechanical, electrical, water supply, and sewage disposal systems); landscaping; maintenance and repair of equipment, boats, trailers and attachments; maintenance and repair of earthen dams, dikes, riprap, ramps, beaches, berms, and bulkhead walls; maintenance and repair of signs, trails, walkways, roads, barricades, gates, parking areas, wheel stops, fencing and posts; boundary line maintenance; aids to navigation; refuse removal; and dock maintenance repairs and shoreline stabilization; powerhouse cleaning services; and powerhouse grounds and vegetative maintenance.